Our coaches are supported by many volunteers both on and off the field.  These additional coaches bring invaluable experience and dedication to our girls to teach them about family, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, integrity, respect, responsibility, and the value hard work. Thank you!

Coach Mitchell - Team Motivator
Coach Mitchell is Coach Alison's dad. He's a big part of the dugout mentality.  Coach Mitchell helps the girls mentally prepare for a championship year and helps them stay focused on their mission and vision for the season.  In the dugout, Coach Mitchell keeps the girls focused and ready to compete.
Coach Milloy - Skills and Drills
Coach Milloy works with the girls during practices and games helping them to be the best athlete they can be. He drives them to work hard and play harder. He teaches the girls to keep going and never give up.
Coach Shaye - Team Support
Coach Shaye is Coach Alison's sister. Redmond Fastpitch is a family commitment for the Mitchell's and we wouldn't have it any other way. She isn't on the field, but she is supporting every player at every game. When post-season starts we count on Shaye for coordination and support. 

2017 3A State Champion

2017 3A State Academic Champion

2017 KingCo Champion

2016 7th Place 4A State

2016 KingCo 3rd Place

2015 KingCo 2nd Place

2015 7th Place 4A State


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